The Five Best Back Pain Treatments

Pregnancy adds extra weight to a woman’s body. This added weight exerts pressure on the back, causing back pain. Back pain during pregnancy can be accompanied by burning sensation. If the woman already has a bad posture, then this pain can be even more severe than normal. Aging leads to brittleness of joints and bones. This makes elderly people vulnerable to ruptured or herniated disc. Burning pain in your upper back can also be a result of a ruptured disc. Ruptured disc can be experienced on account of sports injury and poor lifting habits apart from aging.

While some exercises are specific for your back , it’s also important to stay active in general. Swimming and walking are good exercises to improve your overall fitness. Bed Rest Isn’t Best. Going about your normal, everyday activities'”but perhaps at a slower pace, and definitely avoiding what may have caused your pain in the first place'”is a good way to start the healing process. A little “couch time” won’t hurt, but light activity speeds recovery, so avoiding lying down for long periods of time. Strengthening the muscles that support the spine with back exercises, along with correcting posture, using proper lifting techniques, and understanding the physical limitations of the back

A poor posture eliminates the natural, weight-supporting S curve in our backs and weakens them. In contrast a right posture- chest out, stomach in, and buttocks tucked under- helps one to restore the S curve in our back. Proper exercises can enable one to rectify his/her posture. Proper massage by a physical therapist, use of acupuncture techniques and physical therapy also go a long way in relieving upper back pain. Weight gain, the weight of uterus and the growing baby can put pressure on the nerves in the back and pelvis and pressure on the blood vessels. Women used to gain between 25-25 pounds during their healthy pregnancy.

Back pain is extremely common, and a person who has never had any back problems is fortunate indeed. Most back pain cases are short-term ones and will improve without specific treatment. On the other hand, a small minority of back pain cases is extremely cumbersome and may cause a decrease in level of functioning and long sick leaves. It is not sufficient to stay at home alone with the back pain. As one “listens” to the pain, it tends to increase, and if one does not allow the problem affect life too much, it is halfway conquered.back pain during period

With age, also other parts of the spine degenerate. As the disc´s degeneration increases it become less elastic and thinner. The space between the vertebrae diminishes, and there is less stability of the column. The body tries to stabilize the situation with additional bone growth by building bone spurs. These structures may make the spinal canal and the openings of the nerve roots narrower. If they grow large enough, they may also press the spinal cord or the roots. Anti-inflammatory medicines relieve the pain. Heat or cold pads, electric therapy, and massage are useful for reducing pain, and they are often needed as a pre-treatment before the traction.

If your job involves carrying around heavy things or a heavy bag , you are more likely to suffer from lower left back pain Even though you may carry your bag on the shoulder , your lower back is the one that supports the upper body Carrying heavy things will strain muscles on your lower back hence the pain If you take a closer look at the spine, you will notice that the nerves of the spine are located directly behind each spinal disc. This is very important to understand, because this is really the source of all the pain with these conditions.

So, what can you do to relieve your back disc pain? Well, if the cause of your pain is a protruding back disc, one of the best things you can do for relief is to use ice over the affected disc. Using ice will numb the affected nerve, and reduce the inflammatory process so you will experience relief much more quickly. Never use heat with this problem, because that will aggravate the nerve even more, and dramatically slow the healing process. The piriformis muscle works the lower back and gluts. Learn how to stretch the piriformis muscle group from a chiropractor in this free back health video.

Acute back pain comes on suddenly, usually after an apparent injury, and lasts for about 6 weeks. Chronic pain is less common and may last up to 6 months or longer. Self-care at home is how most people treat back pain, but it can be a sign of a problem that requires medical attention. Spondylolisthesis is a medical condition that occurs when one or more vertebrae in the body is slipped or displaced. Trauma and bone degeneration are two of the main causes of spondylolisthesis. After getting a diagnosis of spondylolisthesis from your doctor, you can talk about treatment options.